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1. What weapon was the Scarecrow holding while in the Haunted Forest?
A hammer
A net
A pistol
A wrench

2. The illustrator for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum was W. W. Denslow. For what does W.W. stand?
Wonderful Wizard
World Wide
Wacky Willie
William Wallace

3. What is L. Frank Baum's birth date?
May 15, 1856
March 25, 1901
Sept 03, 1839
Jan 15, 1910

4. Where was L. Frank Baum born?
Moscow, Russia
Cleveland, Ohio
Chittenango, New York
Ontario, Canada

5. Whom did Mr. Baum marry?
Judy Garland
Maud Gage
Shirley Temple
Dorothy Gale

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