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Poll Began: 10-31-04, 5:00 PM EST

Poll Ended: 11-30-04, 5:00 PM EST

Duration: of 4 weeks total.

Poll Main Question:

Which one do you want to see the most?

• Online Greeting Cards - This will feature approximately 10 to 15 greeting cards that you can personalize and e-mail to your friends, just be filling in a simple form.

• Online Store - This would be a full featured online store with an easy shopping basket, world wide shipping and would accept many forms of payments.

• Online Movie Clips - This section would have many popular high quality movie clips as well as some footage not in the movie.

• Online Sound Database - Listen to music and some sound tracks in a very simple online streaming player.

I already have the full capability to create any or all four of the above choices. The Online Store would have the difficult task of buying an inventory and packaging supplies. The Movie Clips and Sound Database are very simple to make however require a rather large amount of hosting space. Hosting space is very expensive. To give you an idea of how much space is needed, I made the cut scarecrow scene into an online clip in it's own player and it took 29mb. As for the online greetings those will probably be on here someday any ways, but they are on here to see which is most wanted.

All four of the choices are very possible, yes funding one of these projects is the largest problem. The one that you fans choose will become one of my top priorities to try and setup. Obviously I would like to create all four, but that will probably be a few years away yet. Also just for your information, the online store would be a separate section and would not effect this site in anyway except enhance what it offers you fans. As for the movies and sounds those could slow the site down a bit. I don't know for sure, but my guess is that it could happen. As for the greeting cards like I said those a really simple; they probably shouldn't be in this Poll but if they are really truly popular then I will make sure and get then on here in a timely manor. Online greeting cards should have any effect on speed or space consumption.

Revised Question (question that is inside little voting box):

Which one of the following do you want to have offered on this site the most? Greeting Cards, Online Store, Movie Clips, Sound Database.

Total Number of Votes: 12


Greeting Cards - 33.3%

Online Store - 16.7%

Movie Clips - 33.3%

Sound Database - 16.7%


As you can imagine there is allot of work involved to accomplish either one of these features. The Greeting Cards will be the easiest. The Movie Clips will also be easy but requires allot of space and bandwidth. Seeing that it is a tie between the two, I will make sure to do both. As of 11/30/04 I am shopping around for adequate hosting and will begin the work on those two sections right away. This will be a goal for this web site for early 2005. Thank you to all that participated in this Poll.