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11/30/04 - Alot has been fixed and updated. In the poll section the menu should now work I fixed it (again). Changed "Official Polls" to "Oz Votes", that sounds a bit better. Added links for the soon to be new Greetings and Video Clips sections. I am currently shopping around for new hosting for this site. Once I get the hosting straigtened out, the new sections will be made pretty quickly. I am always looking for help, if you think you can help with something on this site please e-mail me by clicking the contact button on the bottom of the page (or little e-mail icon at top of page). Allot more to fix and still allot more to come.

11/14/04 - I updated the Help section and also added a click 'n' slide game to the kidz section. I've got a few other ideas for this site I am working on. That's about it for now, please check out the Official Poll and vote.

10/31/04 - A new poll has been added. Click on "Official Poll" from the menu and vote! Added "Bloopers" section it is now in the navigation menu. The Bloopers section was kind of thrown togeather, I will work on it a little at a time to get it looking better. I fixed a few noticable mistakes in the "Pink Floyd" page located in the "F.Y.I." section under the navigation menu. That's about it for now, Please visit the "Official Polls" and vote on what you would like to have on this site most of all. Thank you.

10/30/04 - Alot fixed in this update. Kidz Section is up and running!!!! I'm sorry it took so long to do. I fixed the menu in all the pages that were listed under "Official Poll" section, they were improperly linked. Fixed little spinning pumpkin icon so that it looks a tad better. Added my personal pumpkin carving to the Halloween section. I put togeather a couple games for the Kidz Section, I also wrote a detailed help page for the coloring book. Fixed the scolling message that is on the top of everypage to look a little better. I also created a nice special Christmas page that will be shown at Christmas time. For the Christmas page I invented my own little Flash MP3 player which works really well. If I get more hosting space I can use this little player for nice high quality sound clips. I know that you can get free MP3 flash players, But I like to learn and create my own. When you send an e-mail by filling out the contact form; I now get an instant notification on my desktop. As long as I am at the computer I try returning the e-mails quickly. The Oz Memorial is next on my "To-Do List". I updated the "Help Wanted" section. Please please look it over, I need some webdesigners help. Lastly I finally made a page about myself, just click on "The Staff" from the menu. Have a happy and safe Halloween, don't forget to take your camera and send in your pictures!

10/27/04 - Halloween section is added! Click here to visit. If anyone has other patterns or pictures of their pumpkin carvings please mail them to jim@wendyswizardofoz.us In this update I made the poll result page for the Jitterbug poll topic. I was a little late at getting that posted. Oz Memorial is still being worked on as well as the Kids section. Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!

10/20/04 - Didn't really do much in this update. I just removed a couple outdated messages and corrected a couple pages. I wanted to do a Halloween pumpkin carving page, but I might not be able to get to it this year.

9/6/04 - I fixed a ton of little things in this update. The biggest changes are the new midi page was completly fixed. Updated the FAQ section (might be late uploading it for you to see though). Fixed the green emerald icon to look properly. Shortened a few names on the navigation menu so they fit on one line with smaller monitors. Added a printable script page in the movie script section (this script was NOT made by me). On the navigation menu and through out the site you notice that when you click a link that we have made a unique way to highlight the links when you put your mouse over them. This always worked fine in Internet Explorer but didn't in Netscape. That has been fixed and is now "Netscape friendly". I only test on Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 7.2, but I made everything so it should work on any browser available. Just some of the cool style features and a few embeded scripts may not work. Speaking of embeded scripts I am still working on the site's background music. The results are in from the poll, click on Official Polls from the menu.

8/22/04 - It's ready, the new site update is finnaly finished and uploaded. Also the news below dated 8/20/04 is new also, I wrote it before ever posting it. Check out the new Official Polls! Right now there is one going on untill Sept. 5, 2004 seeing if you would like a sequal to The Wizard Of Oz. Please cast your vote, it will be interesting to see! Also after many attempts I still can't get this site to look right on 800 by 600 pixel screens. If your monitor is set to 1024 by 768 then you will see this site nearly perfectly. If anyone can offer any help as to why I can't get it to look right on 800x600 screens please let me know. That's all for now..

8/20/04 - Nearly 5 months have gone by. I have been working on this site during that time though. As you can tell the sites layout changed a bit. Wendy's Wizard Of Oz was originally made on this dark green background. I was able to make a decent theme using some of my friends ideas and have everything turn out good. There are so many new improvements. Theres a new Help section, FAQ has been updated. Added the script for the cut Jitterbug scene in the Facts section. Remade the Facts section. Added "The Wiz" in the Other Oz section. Added a printable script page. Added tool tips on nearly every page. I also redesigned the site to be able and work on a screen resolution of 800x600 (minimum). If you have Windows XP SP2 installed you should no longer keep getting that security warning. A new navigation menu was added, that should be compatable with everything. New menu for navigation in the movie script pages. Also the background midi music should now be working properly. I also added download links for the midi files in the sounds download section. That's about all for now. Other sections such as Return To Oz section, Kids Section, Site Map, Meet the staff and a few others are still being worked on little by little.



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