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"Why You Love Oz"
The reasons/stories behind the Oz fans' love of Oz!


In honor of Oct. 12th, 1997 - marking the
1st Anniversary of this web site -
this page contains thoughts of what Oz means to folks!
Feel free to submit your story as well!
Email me!



Your Words ....

I remember watching as a little girl and covering my eyes and ears when I knew the
witch was coming. Every year I'd try to watch a little bit more of the movie...and
I'm almost there. Oz taught me to appreciate what I have.



I have loved the Wizard of oz since I was a very young girl of 7 yrs old, back
when they would only play it on tv once a year.....Over the rainbow has been my
favorite song since that time and just about everything in my house plays some
version of it....ha ha. I just found this site tonight, quite by accident, but I am so
happy that I did. This is one of the most beautiful sites I have been to. I spend
at least six hours a day on the internet researching, so I have been to countless
number of sites and I dont think I have seen one with as much charm and beauty
as this one... Thank you so much for making this, it is a happy place and we
need more of those in the world....


I fell in love with the movie the first time I saw it
when I was a lot younger.
I think I was "born" to love it because my birthday is August 15th.


My name is David and I became interested in the wizard of oz when was small.
I'm 17 now and I'm really interested now because I am currently working on the
show the wizard of oz in a school in ct. It's a high school production and I have the
part of the wizard!


I think you're pages are great. I guess I have liked the Wizard of Oz since I was a
small child. I liked the story and was fascinated by the movie. I love the special
effects. I have seen the movie every year it has been on TV. I have always liked
Judy Garland, she was the perfect Dorothy. My wife teases me because when
we statred dating I asked her if she liked the Movie, and she said it was her
favorite. I have been married seven years now.


I can't remember when I first saw "The Wizard of Oz", it has just always been a part
of my life. It is my favorite movie of all time. I'm happy to know that there are people
out there who are keeping this movie alive. I know that when I have children, I want
this movie to be as important to them, as it has become to me. My favorite line in the
movie is: :A heart is not judged on how much you love, but on how much you are
loved by others!"


Hi Wendy my name is Tracie. I'm 31 and I can't even remember when I started to
love Oz. When I was little I dreamed of it, I knew if I believed hard enough, I too,
would go to Oz. As a teenager I would cancel dates on the nights it would play on
t.v. As an adult, I collect Oz, and my Husband and I had music from the movie played
in our wedding and I engraved an Oz related saying in his ring. To me the story is about
Love and friendship,beating the odds when the are against you, and knowing if you
do really believe hard enough, dreams really do come true!


Congratulations on your 1st anniversary!! Your site was an invaluable find when I was planning my daughter's 5th birthday party and continues to delight her (and me!)



May you be on the web for many years to come. I know as a Oz fan, I have had
many hours of enjoyment on "Wendy's Wonderful Wizard of Oz". It is just the best! Congratulations Wendy!

#1 fan of Oz, and yours Wendy,


I became interested in The Wizard of Oz, through a chain of events :

Two years ago I saw a movie called "The Craft" with Fairuza Balk - I became
infatuated with her ... so I decide to see all her movies... I come across the
movie where she plays 'Dorothy Gale' in 'Return to Oz' ... I then decide to see
the original to get the missing story behind 'Return to Oz'. Hence, "The Wizard of Oz"
- stole my heart and blew me away - I'm now infatuated with Judy Garland
and have already donated my time in creating a website devoted to her. I've
studied her biography's back to front and I try to see all of her movies (I'm 24 yrs old)
and this all started by chance after seeing a spur of the moment flick called
The Craft. Funny how life is.


Hi, Wendy, Just though I would answer your One Year anniversary questions.
Keep up the great work!

1) I began to love Oz because of the MGM movie, but have moved on to the
books also.
2) I really started getting into Oz by starting a collection about 10 years ago.
I am starting my kids early!


For as long as I can remember, and that's a few more years than I'm willing to
admit to, "The Wizard of Oz" has been a part of my life. From the movie to the
music to the people who came into my life and heart through this movie, I've
always believed that the people who are close to you and mean the most to you,
will pop up in your life in the most unexpected of places. Traveling far and wide is
a treat that my husband and I enjoy, but there really is No Place Like Home!
My family at times makes fun of my Wizard Room, but it never fails that some
Oz-abilia shows up in my Christmas stocking or wrapped under the tree. I've
been able to share this pleasure with my two sons, ages 19 and 26, as well as
with 18 nieces and nephews...who come to my house and say, "Aunt Linda, can
we watch the :"Wizard of Oz"? Timeless and full of pleasure...the magic never
dims....can one see "The Wizard of Oz" too many times?