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In this help section we will discuss how to navigate through Wendy's Wizard Of Oz as well as how to properly save, view and print various images, sounds and other files from this site onto your computer.

Help Menu :

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First lets start with the navigation. To the left of each page you will see our main menu. Clicking on any of those links will take you to that section/topic on this site. That standard menu appears on nearly all of the pages here at Wendy's Wizard Of Oz. If at anytime you get lost click on the "Home" link.

You will see more navigation links on the bottom of every page. On the bottom of each page you will also see: [Animated Arrows Pointing UpwardsTopAnimated Arrows Pointing Upwards] When clicked will take you back to the top of the page you are on.

Tool Tips:

Now that we have the navigation out of the way lets talk about other helpful ways to get information. Recently I have been programming "Tool Tips" throughout this site. A tool tip is a little tag that pops up next to the mouse pointer with information and tips:

Help Picture

When you put your mouse over a link, image etc, it takes a brief moment for the tool tip to appear. As long as you keep your mouse pointer still it will stay on the screen for 8 seconds which is long enough to read the message. So if you don't know what something is try putting your mouse over it. I am also working on this with pictures, so that you can point to a character and have it display their name. This is time consuming and will be done a little at a time.

Plug-ins & Utilities:

For some of the features on Wendy's Wizard Of Oz you will need to have certain "Plug-Ins" installed on your computer to view and hear those features. For you convienance we have listed out all of the plug-ins and offer links to the plug-ins below:

• Midi -Newer browsers and operating systems will play the embeded midi music that we have on some of our pages. If you do not hear the midi music when on the Birthdays page for example, then download one of the Media Player plug-ins below.

• Flash - Macromedia Flash Plug-in is required for the games in the Kiz Section as well as other animations and graphics throughout the site. Most users all ready have this plug-in on their computer because Flash is such a popular format. However if you don't have this installed click below for the latest version:

Click here to download the Flash Player Plug-in

Click here to download the Flash plug-in.

• Media - There are other video clips and sound on this website that you will need a media player to view and hear. Each of the video players listed below will also integrate with Internet Explorer of Netscape web browsers. These are such common media players, alot of people have all three installed. We do recommend all three for maximum capabilities while you surf the web and this site.

Click here to download Windows Media Player Click here to download Apple's Quicktime Plug-in Click here to download RealPlayer

Click here to download the selected media player.


Saving Pictures:

As you browse this site you will see allot of pictures. We are constantly getting e-mails asking for permission to use a copy. We give you permission as long as you don't say it is of your own. And if at all possible refer some of your friends to our site. Now the pictures that you see on our pages are often shrunk down smaller to be able to properly fit on our pages. When you save the picture to your computer it will be the actual full size picture. To save a picture do the following, put your mouse over the picture. Right click and one of these menus will appear:

Internet Explorer users will see this:

Internet Explorer's Right Click Menu (Picture used for an example)

Netscape users will see this:

Netscape's Right Click Menu (Picture used for an example)

With either browser you want to select "Save Image As...' or "Save Picture As...". Then select the location where you want to save the image and click save. If you use any other browser like Opera for example, it should be a similar process. But nearly everyone has at least one of the two browsers we speak of, so this is all that we will write of in this help section.

Coloring Book Printing:

If you are looking for help printing coloring book pages found in the Fun Stuff Section click here.

Screen Resolution:

Wendy's Wizard Of Oz has recently been designed for a screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels or higher. This site should work on lower resolutions but most likely require you to scroll side to side to see everything. For information on how to change your screen resolution do the following: On your Desktop press the F1 key. When the Help comes on your screen type "screen resolution" without the quotes into the search box and press enter. Follow the built in guides. If you have a Macintosh (it's been a while so this might not be 100% accurate) do the following. On the upper left hand side of your screen go to the Apple menu. Go to Control Panels and select Display. If your computer is new with in the last 5 years then you most likely are at 800 by 600 or higher any ways.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Wendy's Wizard Of Oz receives hundreds and hundreds of e-mails on a regular biases. Allot are wonderful comments. However a majority are questions. Currently there is only one person answering all these questions. And it is ALOT of work. However, as I go through answering these questions I see the same question appear in many different e-mails. So What I have done is jot down these repetitive questions. I then research the answer and e-mail everyone the answer but I also post it in our FAQ section on this site. If you are looking for an answer to a question please check the FAQ section before e-mailing us. Also we have an online forum (message board). Which is absolutely free and easy to join. It only takes a minute. There are several people that are already members. If you post your question on the board you usually get a quicker answer. However we do love the E-mails, but please be patient waiting for a response. It can usually take a few weeks.

Where you can purchase various OZ Items:

Ok, this is also answered in the FAQ section but since it is so commonly asked I think it should also go here in the help section. I get asked where to purchase anything from thimbles to bed spreads to ruby slippers. I have attempted to keep a list with links for people when they ask and I find it a very difficult task. I also have the capability of setting up an online store. However the inventory would be a killer. The truth is, that this is beyond our capability as a fan site. We would need a place to store tons of merchandise. We would also need the money to buy the inventory. And then we would need people to constantly update the online store, do the packaging and do the shipping. I believe you can still find allot of stuff at a Warner Brother Store. However, from my experience 90% of the time people are looking for something that isn't sold at the Warner Brother Store. If I had the money I would do it, a one stop Oz shop. But I just can't. My very best advice would to be and try searching on Google, Froogle or eBay.


We offer some sound as well as some programs that you can download here at Wendy's Wizard Of Oz. To save these files try putting your mouse over the link for the file. Right-Click and select: "Save Target As...". Sounds will open in nearly every .wav player, if you have an Apple/Macintosh Quicktime should be able to play the .wav files. We have heard that the .wav files don't always play right. Try using a different player. We have also experienced this and are not sure why they sometimes do not play correctly. As for program downloads, like desktop themes, you probably only see one of two. We actually have several themes, screensavers etc., however this day and age there isn't anything that is totally free anymore. The makes of these themes and things give you the theme and a nice easy installer. However the installer loads your computer with ad-ware. Ad-ware is a program that silently opens a little backdoor on your computer and communicates with another computer. The other computer then sends popup's, advertisements and you name it through that backdoor. And as a result eventually your computer gets too many of these on these and you will begin to loose functionality. We here at Wendy's Wizard Of Oz are not legally allowed to change their installers. That is because that is how the program is being paid for, kind of like commercials for the net. So I have decided not to put these programs on this site. If you are a maker of these themes, screensavers, etc., and would like it on our site please send it to us. Just please make sure it is freeware and 100% clean of Ad-Ware, Spyware, Malware, HiJackware, Etc.. Etc..

Playing & Saving Sounds or Midi's:

First make sure you have the correct plug-ins installed. Click here to check that first. After you have installed the right plug-ins below will show you how to play and save sound & midi files.

Scenario #1: Most of you will be presented a dialogue box similar to this when you click on a link. If not skip down to Scenario #2. This box is self explanatory. Click "Open" to play the selected Sound or Midi. Click "Save" to save the file to your hard drive or other storage device. And Click "Cancel" to do neither.

File Download Dialog (Picture Example)

Scenario #2: To play a sound in the sound or midi gallery just click on the link, your browser will use a default plug-in and play the sound. To save a sound for later use, right click on the link and select "Save Target As..." and then choose a place to store the file on your hard drive.



This concludes our online help section. We will update this help section time to time and will let you know in our "News" section on this site. Thank you.