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Fern Formica
Mike Formica
(Fern's Son)

*** All Oz jpg/gifs seen on these pages originated here ***

Fern Formica/Munchkin Picture #2

My mom was a munchkin in the original movie. Her name
was Fern Formica. She has since passed away now, but I know if she
could have seen 
your Web page, she would have been overjoyed.
  It's people
like you and the many fans out there, that will let her live forever.

 I am very interested in working on
your web page telling people about my mom.  She has always been an easy
subject for me to talk about.  Although, she had been out of the movie
business my whole life growing up, we watched all of her movies many
times each year.  O'yes The WIZARD OZ OZ was always my favorite movie. 
My friends would come over to watch it every year and mom would point
herself out to us.  But, you know she also played in the movie, Terror
Of Tiny Town, as Dimand Dolly, (the saloon bar girl), also in Meet John
Doe with Gary Cooper as a little girl.  In this movie she and Jerry
Marion both played a couple of kids. 
She also doubled for Shirley Temple
in the movie The Good Ship lolly Pop. Before the movies, she worked in
Los Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego, at the El Cortez Hotel, Singing
and dancing with Billy Bartey among others.  She was a living Minature
Doll to say the least.  I loved her very much.  She and my father were
not able to have any children of their own, so I was adopted by them. 
She was the one that really wanted a son, and she picked me out.  
I felt so lucky to have a mom like her. She was so full of LOVE. She was
everyones Aunt Fern. 

        Growing up with a munchkin, gave me the best mom
a boy could wish for. 
She was a real live person, you watched on TV. All of my friends just
loved to talk to her and they called her, Aunt Fern.  Every year when
the Wizard of Oz came on TV my friends and I would watch it with her.
She would point herself out to us and sing along with the music. 
Another fun time we had was, when mom would play her organ 
and sing some
of the music from different movies she acted in.  
She played very good. 
She also was a double in the Good Ship Lolly Pop, for Shirley Temple.
She would play parts where Shirley was facing away from the camera.
She had curly blond hair just like Shirely and was the same size.
She really did kind of look like her too. 
She also played Diamond Dolly, The saloon girl in the movie, Terror of Tiny Town. 
This was released just before OZ.  
She had a singing part, which was a pretty big part for her.
She also played in the movie, Meet John Doe with Gary Cooper. .
Her and Jerry Marin (The Lolly Pop Guild Guy from the wiz) played a couple of kids.
         She also sang and danced at the El Cortez hotel in 
San Diego, Ca, with Billy Barty another small person.  I got to meet him once when I was
about 10 Yrs old. It was really pretty cool. 
I remember seing him on TV.
My mom was one of the coolest moms I could have ever wanted. 
She would talk to me on my level.  I grew up in the Sixties and Seventies and
she was in her fourties and fifties, but she would talk just like one of
us kids, (no cursing of corse). She was very easy to talk to.  
Anyone of my friends could ask her for advise, and she was usually right. She was
such a smart lady, and I loved her very much. She loved people very
much, especially her munchkin fans!!!! 

If people want to read more about her, there is a story in the book
by Steve Cox, Munchkins Remember, pg 39, pictures on pg 71 & 72.

Fern Formica/Munchkin Picture #3

Fern Formica/Munchkin Picture #1  

Yellow Brick Seperator Bar Picture

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Some of the invaluable books used for research on these pages are:

The Munchkins Of Oz by Stephen Cox - 1996, Cumberland House

The Official 50th Anniversary Pictorial History by Fricke, Scarfone, Stillman - 1989, Warner Books